Our retailing activities in Tanzania

For many years, our only activity was wholesaling. To professionals, we would either export sorted rough gems or gemstones cut in our workshop. We occasionally also sold cut gems to private people who lived in East Africa.

From the mid-nineties, tanzanite was becoming increasingly popular in countries such as the USA and South Africa. Quite a few tourists on safari considered that buying a tanzanite in Arusha (Tanzania) – approximately 40 kilometers away from the world’s only deposit – was a wise thing to do. However, many tourists came back home with tanzanites which were often badly cut, flawed, poorly saturated or simply not tanzanite (iolite, glass, plastic, synthetic forsterite etc).

When safari companies realized what was going on, we were contacted in order to sell certified gemstones to their guests. These safari companies were obviously fed up with their customers buying gems (or so-called gems) in the wrong places.
One of the high-end companies printed brochures which warned their guests : “As a result purchasing what are often high value items must be done only from reliable, vetted outlets. In Arusha we recommend one source which is reliable and offers very competitive prices. Swala Gem Traders is not a shop but a wholesale trader and export organization which has a wide range of cut and uncut Tanzanites and other stones that may be bought.”

If ever you have the opportunity to travel to this beautiful country, feel free to visit us. We will not only show you loose gems but also jewelry; tanzanite but also many other East African gems (which you can also see and buy on this website).

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