Established certified gemologists born and brought up in East Africa. Swala Gem Traders is well recognized throughout the world.

Our father mined aquamarines in East Africa in the mid-60′s. He was the first geologist to discover the tanzanite deposits in the late 60′s and was the one who brought the blue zoisite (tanzanite’s official name) to Tiffany’s President. In the early 70′s, he discovered the famous ruby deposit (the John Saul Ruby Mine) in Tsavo (Kenya), known worldwide for the quality of its rubies.

Life Magazine
Kenya early 1970's

We are qualified gemologists from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in New York and from the ING (Institut National de Gemmologie) in Paris. Our father was one of the founding members of the ICA. We are ICA Members ourselves.
Our offices are located in East Africa in order to be as close as possible to the mines. We purchase gems directly from the miners, not from middlemen. This enables our prices to be extremely competitive.

Our relationship to the miners is privileged and our personal background gives us a definite competitive advantage. As soon as a new discovery is made, we are the first to be informed. As soon as a special piece is mined, it is most likely going to end up in our office first. We have access to all sorts of gems and qualities.