rare tsavorites

A very rare tsavorites production

We recently purchased a very nice lot of rare tsavorites from the … tanzanite mines in Mererani! The miners were trying to produce Tanzanites, and ran into a series of exceptional Tsavorite pockets! Green grossular garnets, also known as mint garnets, are sometimes produced in Mererani (a few huge pieces have been mined in the past). However, these garnets are true tsavorites which is very unusual. Indeed, quite a few of these tsavorites are of the very finest color, absolutely beautiful! They are neither too light nor too dark. The color comes close to what I would call a “pure” green. Indeed, garnets are singly refractive, and in this particular case it is hard to describe yellow or blue as being secondary colors. A huge asset compared to emeralds! The references of these gems are from 10951 to 11000. These rare tsavorites each weigh between 1 and 2 cts. We’ve cut a few big pieces (above 4 carats).

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